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Are you looking for premium patio extensions in Ocean Shores, NSW?

Specialising in locally crafted and professionally installed awnings, patios, decks, carports, shutters, and alfresco rooms, Atlas Awnings offers tailored solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

With a wealth of expertise, extensive experience, use of high-quality materials, and a commitment to excellent customer service, Atlas Awnings is the preferred provider for all your patio extension needs in Ocean Shores, NSW.

Discover for yourself why Atlas Awnings is the top choice for patio extensions in Ocean Shores, NSW.

Key Takeaways:

  • Atlas Awnings offers locally manufactured and installed, high-quality made to measure products for the finishing touch to homes in Lismore, Ballina, Tweed, and Ocean Shores, NSW.
  • With expertise, experience, and a commitment to using high-quality materials, Atlas Awnings stands out as the top choice for patio extensions in Ocean Shores, NSW.
  • As a one-stop-shop for awnings, patios, decks, carports, shutters, and alfresco rooms, Atlas Awnings provides customised solutions and excellent customer service for all your outdoor living needs.

About Atlas Awnings

Atlas Awnings logo for awnings in the Northern Rivers

Atlas Awnings is a well-known local manufacturer specialising in high-quality awnings, patios, shutters, and security doors. Founded in 1985, Atlas Awnings has established itself as a trusted name in the Northern Rivers region, encompassing areas such as Ballina NSW, Ocean Shores, Evans Head, and Casino. The company is recognised for delivering premium products customised to meet customer requirements and local regulations.

With over thirty-five years of industry experience, Atlas Awnings has cultivated a reputation for excellence and dependability. Their team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that enhance outdoor spaces and elevate home security standards. Offering a diverse range of products, from durable and weather-resistant awnings to stylish and functional shutters, Atlas Awnings caters to a variety of aesthetic and practical needs. Their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship have positioned them as the preferred choice for homeowners seeking superior exterior solutions in the Northern Rivers area.

What Products Do They Offer?

patio extensions

Atlas Awnings presents an extensive array of products, encompassing custom-made awnings, elegant patios, robust shutters, and dependable security doors crafted to enrich outdoor areas and offer protection. Their tailor-made awnings are meticulously fashioned from premium materials to guarantee both longevity and sophistication.

Additionally, their exquisite patios serve as versatile outdoor living spaces that are ideal for both relaxation and entertainment. Clients have the opportunity to select from a diverse selection of sturdy shutters that not only augment the visual allure of the property but also provide security and seclusion.

The dependable security doors showcase a robust build and sophisticated locking mechanisms, meeting the requirements of both functionality and aesthetics. Emphasising personalisation, customers are afforded a wide spectrum of options, including various colours, patterns, and sizing alternatives, to fashion the ideal enhancement for their outdoor space.

Where do they operate?

Atlas Awnings operates across various locations such as Tweed Heads, Lismore and Byron Bay, with a notable presence in Ballina NSW, where the company adheres rigorously to local regulations and employs proficient craftsmen to ensure the utmost quality in installations and services.

The company’s unwavering commitment to meeting stringent local regulations underscores their profound understanding of building codes and standards, ensuring that each awning installation complies meticulously with the highest safety and quality protocols.

Atlas Awnings maintains a skilled workforce that undergoes ongoing training and certification to remain abreast of the latest industry trends and techniques. This continuous dedication guarantees precision and expertise in their craftsmanship.

This steadfast focus on delivering quality workmanship distinguishes them, establishing Atlas Awnings as a reputable choice for both residential and commercial awning solutions within the region.

What Makes Atlas Awnings Stand Out?

patio extensions

Atlas Awnings is distinguished by its steadfast commitment to utilising premium materials ensures the longevity and durability of each awning, thereby enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any property. Regardless of whether the setting is residential or commercial, Atlas Awnings prides itself on delivering bespoke solutions that not only harmonise with the existing architecture but also augment the overall value of the space.

With a team of seasoned professionals, the company adeptly merges innovative designs with practicality, thereby enhancing outdoor spaces and rendering them more inviting and versatile.

Locally Manufactured and Installed

One distinguishing aspect of Atlas Awnings is the localisation of its manufacturing process, where all products are locally produced and installed utilising premium-quality materials such as aluminium, ensuring endurance and alignment with regional regulations. Additionally, the company extends a substantial 10-year guarantee for its installations.

The commitment to local manufacturing not only contributes to the economy but also enables enhanced quality supervision throughout the manufacturing phase. The utilisation of aluminium not only guarantees long-lasting performance but also imparts a sophisticated and contemporary appearance to the awnings. Furthermore, Atlas Awnings’ adherence to local regulations ensures that their products conform to safety guidelines and are environmentally sustainable. The inclusive 10-year guarantee offered on all installations provides customers with assurance that their investment is safeguarded for a considerable duration.

High Quality Made to Measure Products

Atlas Awnings prides itself on the delivery of high-quality, custom-made products crafted from premium materials like polycarbonate and insulated roofing. This dedication ensures durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic attractiveness in every installation.

The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in the utilisation of robust aluminium frames known for their strength and resistance to corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Atlas Awnings also provides a variety of energy-efficient solutions, including the integration of reflective coatings to minimise heat absorption and enhance a cooler indoor environment. Through personalised measurements, each project is tailored to perfection, improving the overall functionality and visual appeal of their awnings and structures.

Finishing Touch to Homes

Atlas Awnings enhances residential properties with its provision of enclosed patios that are built to endure diverse weather conditions, thus ensuring customer contentment and elevating the overall aesthetic and functional value of outdoor areas. The company’s team of proficient designers exhibits a keen eye for detail, skillfully integrating form and function within their patio solutions.

By meticulously considering elements such as the current outdoor space layout, the architectural design of the residence, and the unique preferences and requirements of individual clients, Atlas Awnings guarantees that their enclosed patios not only harmonise with the property’s visual appeal but also cater to the practical needs of homeowners.

This emphasis on customised design fosters a heightened level of customer satisfaction, as individuals witness their conceptualisations transformed into a tangible reality that surpasses their initial expectations.

What Are the Services Offered by Atlas Awnings?

Atlas Awnings provides a comprehensive array of services, including the installation of awnings, decks, carports, shutters, and alfresco rooms, offering customised solutions for outdoor living areas. The awnings they offer not only add style to homes but also deliver functionality by providing protection from the elements while enhancing the kerb appeal of the property. Customers have the option to select from a diverse range of materials and styles, enabling them to choose the ideal awning that aligns with their design preferences.

The decks installed by Atlas Awnings create adaptable outdoor spaces suitable for both entertainment and relaxation, with offerings that encompass timber or composite decking alternatives. Carports constructed by Atlas Awnings serve as practical shelters for vehicles, ensuring protection from weather-related damages. Additionally, the shutters offered by the company contribute to enhancing privacy and security within residential properties, available in various colours and designs. Moreover, the alfresco rooms extended by Atlas Awnings provide an outdoor extension to living spaces, ideal for hosting gatherings or enjoying the fresh air in a comfortable environment.


awnings by Atlas Awnings

Atlas Awnings specialises in the professional installation of patio awnings tailored to enhance outdoor spaces, providing both functional and aesthetic advantages to properties throughout Australia. These patio awnings are available in a diverse range of design options, encompassing traditional and contemporary styles, enabling homeowners to select the most suitable option for their property’s exterior aesthetics.

Along with improving the visual appeal of a property, patio awnings offer practical benefits by delivering shade and shelter from the elements, thereby extending the usability of outdoor areas. Regarding maintenance, these installations are relatively low maintenance, necessitating periodic cleaning to uphold their optimal condition.

Patio awnings serve not only to add an element of sophistication to properties but also contribute towards establishing comfortable and versatile outdoor living environments.


decks Evans Head

Atlas Awnings specialises in the customisation of outdoor patios using high gloss Colorbond materials, delivering a seamless integration of durability, style, and personalisation tailored to individual preferences.

These meticulously crafted patios are strategically designed to elevate outdoor living spaces, serving as versatile and functional areas ideal for relaxation or hosting guests.

The incorporation of Colorbond materials not only enhances the visual aesthetics of the patios but also fortifies them against inclement weather conditions, ensuring a resilient and enduring outdoor investment.

With a diverse selection of colours and styles available, customers are afforded the opportunity to curate a patio that harmonises with the architectural design and personal aesthetic of their homes, thereby augmenting the value and character of their outdoor settings.


timber deck

Atlas Awnings specialises in the construction of high-quality decks fabricated from Colorbond steel, with a focus on delivering customer satisfaction through the creation of durable structures that enhance outdoor living spaces.

The proficient team at Atlas Awnings is dedicated to crafting custom decks that not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also demonstrate longevity. The choice of Colorbond steel is deliberate, selected for its durability and resilience against inclement weather conditions, ensuring the enduring strength and stability of the deck. Adhering to stringent construction standards, Atlas Awnings maintains a commitment to precision and meticulous attention to detail in every project undertaken. Customers can repose confidence in the team’s expertise and the reliability of the materials employed, culminating in a deck that surpasses expectations.


car ports

The flat roof can easily and affordably be builtas a free standing structure.

Atlas Awnings offers professional solutions for carports engineered to endure diverse weather conditions, employing premium aluminium materials known for their durability and longevity.

These weather-resistant carports deliver protection for vehicles against sun, rain, and snow, ensuring their preservation in optimal condition. The proficient team at Atlas Awnings demonstrates excellence in methodical installations, guaranteeing each carport is securely positioned and offers superior shelter. By utilising top-quality materials, these carports are characterised by low-maintenance requirements and longevity, rendering them a dependable addition to any property. Customers are provided with a selection of designs and sizes, customised to meet their individual requirements and preferences.



Atlas Awnings specialises in the installation of high-quality shutters designed to enhance property value through expert craftsmanship, innovative design, and minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring long-lasting appeal.

The shutter installation services provided by Atlas Awnings offer more than just a touch of elegance to any property; they also significantly enhance its kerb appeal. By delivering custom designs that harmonise with the existing aesthetics, Atlas Awnings guarantees that the shutters seamlessly blend in with the overall appearance of the home.

These shutters are engineered to be robust and require low maintenance, thereby offering homeowners durability and cost-efficiency over time. With a diverse array of styles and materials at their disposal, customers have the opportunity to select the perfect shutters that align with their property and specific preferences.

Alfresco Rooms

alfresco rooms

Make the most of the space you have, by adding a covered area to sit and relax.

Atlas Awnings specialises in the creation of sophisticated alfresco rooms that harmoniously merge the convenience of an enclosed patio with innovative design elements, customised to elevate outdoor living experiences for residents in Ballina, NSW, and beyond.

These meticulously crafted alfresco rooms are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor areas, enabling residents to relish the natural beauty of their surroundings while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Equipped with features such as adjustable roofing systems, integrated heating solutions, and personalised lighting options, Atlas Awnings offers a versatile outdoor living space that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The meticulous selection of materials and colours ensures that each alfresco room harmonises with the existing architectural style of the residence, thereby enhancing both the value and aesthetic appeal of the property.

Why Choose Atlas Awnings for Patio Extensions in Ocean Shores, NSW?

In the realm of patio extensions in the Ocean Shores region of New South Wales, Atlas Awnings stands out as the preferred choice, distinguished by their unparalleled expertise, utilisation of premium-grade materials, bespoke solutions, and unwavering dedication to ensuring customer contentment.

Upon engaging the services of Atlas Awnings, clients can be confident that their patio extension endeavours will be executed with proficiency, owing to the team’s extensive experience and specialised acumen within the domain. The materials curated by Atlas Awnings possess not only robust qualities but are also aesthetically pleasing, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the patio structure.

The array of customisation options offered enables clients to tailor their extensions to align seamlessly with their preferences and specific demands, thereby guaranteeing a distinctive and personalised outdoor space. The customer-centric ethos of Atlas Awnings underscores a commitment to orienting every phase of the project towards meeting the client’s requisites and surpassing their anticipations.

Expertise and Experience

Atlas Awnings features a team of highly skilled craftsmen with extensive experience who ensure that each patio extension project in Ocean Shores, NSW, is executed with expertise and precision in accordance with Australian standards.

The team’s commitment to craftsmanship is evident in their meticulous attention to detail, starting from the initial consultation through to the final installation. With a profound understanding of the local climate and architectural styles, they create custom-designed awnings that not only enhance the visual appeal of properties but also offer functional shade solutions. Leveraging their wealth of experience, they adeptly tackle challenges, completing projects efficiently and within allocated budgets. Emphasising adherence to rigorous Australian standards, they prioritise superior quality materials and workmanship to deliver enduring and resilient structures that withstand the test of time.

High-Quality Materials

Atlas Awnings places a high priority on utilising premium materials such as Colorbond steel, polycarbonate, and aluminium in their patio extensions to ensure durability, aesthetic appeal, and weather resistance in each installation. These materials are selected for their exceptional characteristics. Colorbond steel, recognised for its strength and long lifespan, provides sturdy support for the extension structures, ensuring their ability to withstand diverse weather conditions. Polycarbonate, characterised by its lightweight yet durable composition, allows natural light to permeate while delivering UV protection. In contrast, aluminium presents a sleek and contemporary appearance while being resistant to corrosion, making it a favoured option for both residential and commercial settings. By emphasising the use of these materials, Atlas Awnings guarantees that their patio extensions are not only visually attractive but also constructed to endure.

Customised Solutions

Atlas Awnings provides personalised and bespoke solutions for patio extensions, enabling customers residing in Ocean Shores, NSW, to tailor their outdoor spaces with distinctive designs and construction options that align with their preferences.

The design versatility offered by Atlas Awnings enables customers to select from a diverse array of materials, colours, and styles to harmonise with their existing outdoor decor or establish a completely new aesthetic. The range of construction variations available caters to diverse requirements, whether seeking a contemporary, streamlined design or a classic, enduring allure. Through customised solutions, customers have the opportunity to integrate specific features such as lighting, heating elements, or privacy screens, thereby augmenting the functionality and allure of their outdoor living areas.

Excellent Customer Service

Atlas Awnings is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that each patio extension project in Ocean Shores, NSW, is accompanied by attentive assistance, maintenance guidance, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

The company’s commitment to customer contentment extends beyond the initial completion of projects. Atlas Awnings recognises the critical role that ongoing maintenance plays in the durability of their structures. Their proficient team remains accessible to offer assistance and advice, ensuring that clients can derive long-term enjoyment from their outdoor spaces.

Given the unpredictable weather conditions prevalent in the region, Atlas Awnings also offers expert guidance on selecting materials and designs that can withstand the challenges posed by the coastal climate of Ocean Shores, NSW.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Atlas Awnings offer in Ocean Shores, NSW?

Atlas Awnings specialises in manufacturing and installing high quality awnings, patios, decks, carports, shutters, and alfresco rooms in Ocean Shores, NSW. We provide the finishing touch to homes with our range of quality products.

What type of patio extensions does Atlas Awnings build?

Atlas Awnings offers a range of patio extensions in Ocean Shores, NSW, including gable roofs, flat roofs, curved roofs, and pergolas. Our patio extensions are built with quality materials and to the specific requirements of each client.

Can I customise my patio extension in Ocean Shores, NSW?

Yes, we can customise your patio extension to suit your style and needs. We offer a variety of options for roofing, decking, and finishing touches to ensure your patio extension is tailored to your preferences.

What sets Atlas Awnings apart from other companies in Ocean Shores, NSW?

Atlas Awnings takes great pride in our locally made and installed products. We use high quality materials and our team has a wealth of experience in the industry. Our customer service is also top-notch, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

Do you offer free consultations and quotes for patio extensions in Ocean Shores, NSW?

Yes, we offer free consultations and quotes for all our services in Ocean Shores, NSW. Our team will assess your space and discuss your ideas and preferences to provide an accurate quote for your patio extension project.

How long does it take to install a patio extension with Atlas Awnings in Ocean Shores, NSW?

The exact time frame for installation will depend on the size and complexity of your patio extension. Our team works efficiently to complete projects in a timely manner, while still maintaining our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.