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Just when you thought it was safe to put your shorts on and get a bit of sun on your white winter legs, out come the mozzies.

One of the benefits of winter on the North Coast that we don’t often think about is the respite from biting insects. As the weather warms up, the hungry hordes of mosquitoes, flies, midges, and other undesirables emerge.

We aren’t far into spring, and already during the longer afternoons you start to notice an uncomfortable bite or two on your uncovered skin. The recent extended dry conditions may keep them quite for a while, but if we get a day or two of rain, the swarms will surely send us running back inside.

If you want to spend anytime in the backyard or on the porch during summer, insect protection is something you absolutely must consider. Here are a couple of ideas to help you dine alfresco with being dined on.

Mosquito biting a hand

Mosquitoes and flies can (and will) ruin your BBQ if you do not take steps to minimise their impact.

Protect Yourself

The easiest ways to minimise the harm that mosquitoes can do is to cover up. Wearing light coloured clothing that covers your arms and legs is best, and covered shoe protect your feet from bites. Apply repellents that contain DEET, picaridin or oil of eucalyptus evenly over your exposed areas.

Also make sure that your backyard is not as breeding ground. Empty water containers, and make sure pots, bird baths and plants like bromeliads are flushed regularly. Add some fish to your ponds, or net over rainwater tanks to keep wrigglers to a minimum.

Mosquito Proof your Patio

Unfortunately, protecting yourself will only minimise your exposure. Sooner of later the insects are going to get to you. The only sure-fire way is to create a physical barrier they can’t get through. Having an open-air room that is insect proof will allow you to move in and out of the house without worrying about sprays and repellents.

Here is a list of some of the products we can install on your patio to get you out into some fresh air without the insect bites.

Screen Rooms for keeping out insects

A screen room, with ceiling to floor mesh to create a barrier to insects

Screen Room

A full screen room can be easily attached to your existing patio or created as a standalone room. Mesh is stretched and attached on sturdy aluminium framing, allowing an open-air flow with minimal structural supports. The screen panels can be combined with other products to cut out the breeze, and different configurations can include security doors, shutters or aluminium panels to add privacy and access.

Because all screen rooms are fully enclosed, they are a permanent and sure-fire solution to the problem of mosquitoes.

Screen Enclosures

See the full range of screen rooms from Atlas.

All Seasons Panels for mosquito proofing

This patio had All Seasons Sliding Panels added to help create that physical barrier from insects in the canals of West Ballina.

All Season Panels

All Seasons Panels are vinyl sliding patio panels that can be attached to any existing patio structure. The lightweight sliding panels can be opened fully to let in the breeze but can be closed to stop insects and other weather. They come in configurations of sliding panels and can be swapped for screen only panelling. All Season panels can be built in with other products and materials, such as Perspex inserts to enclose the area and keep the insects out.

All Seasons Panels

See the full range of All Seasons Sliding Patio Panels from Atlas.

Ziptrak Tracked Blinds for mosquito protection

Zip track blinds when completely pulled down can create a physical barrier to insects.

Zip Track and Zip Screen Tracked Blinds.

Tracked Blinds are vertical patio blinds that run on aluminium tracks attached to your existing structure. Because the edge of the blind is contained inside the tracks, when fully pulled down the blind creates a full barrier to wind, rain and insects.

A tracked blind can be very versatile – open up the blind during the warm afternoon, then pull it down to shelter from the late afternoon sun and protect you from the evening insects.

The blinds are operated by a locking bottom rail, or in some models via a remote control. Your shelter for your whole afternoon BBQ can be controlled at the touch or a button.

Zip Track and Zip Screen Tracked Blinds.

See the full range of patio blinds from Atlas.

Stainless Steel Mesh Security can be used to keep out insects.

Stainless Steel security mesh can be installed on windows or on sliding panels to keep out insects and intruders.

Stainless steel Mesh

Invisi-guard security mesh is great for providing security for your doors and windows, but also provides a great barrier to insects as well as intruders.

Invis-guard can be installed in mesh panels around your patio but can also be simply used as a screen door for the main entrance. Long lasting and strong, the stainless-steel mesh is a great option for trouble free air flow on your patio.

Invisi-guard security mesh

See the full range of Invisi-guard security mesh from Atlas.

Contact Us for More

These are just a couple of options for making your patio insect free, so contact us today if you are interested in any of these ideas. Our design consultants can talk to you about the best way to get your patio as insect free as possible, just in time for your summer.

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