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The Youth Hostel in Byron Bay is a great modern building, providing great facilities in the centre of town. Apart from the great accommodation facilities, it has a beautiful open plan deck, looking down on to a central garden and common courtyard for guests to relax and enjoy.

The Manager of the Youth Hostel found the guests were not using the common room as often as expected. The guests, who were not used to the Northern Rivers extreme heat and furious storms in the summer and cold mornings and nights in the winter, were finding the room very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. The deck was a core feature for the Hostel, so it was very important that the area was improved to provide the comfortable escape for guest during the extreme of weather, making their stay much more enjoyable.

Byron Bay Youth Hostel dec before patio blind installation

The existing deck was open to the elements, and a relaxing dinner or conversation on the deck was often spoilt by a heavy afternoon shower.

They rang Atlas Awnings to provide a solution to the problems.  Geoff, our design consultant, visited the Youth Hostel and spoke to the Manager.  After inspecting the area and realising the central garden was an important aspect to the common room, so totally enclosing the area was not an option.

Geoff suggested motorised xChannel awnings along the exposed side of the room using mesh fabric which is rated up to 97% sun, wind and rain protection.  By using the mesh the view of the central garden remains clear which will give the guests the open plan feel as originally designed. The blinds would also give complete control over how much shade and protection was needed, even allowing the area to be fully open during the perfect weather that is so often experienced on the North Coast.

This was exactly what the Youth Hostel needed for the area.  They chose Baltic Blue colour for the mesh which would complement the current colour scheme.

Byron Bay Patio Awning Installation

x Channel awnings give weather protection without blocking the view. When the weather was bad, the deck area was turned into a usable alfresco area, by lowering the blinds and keeping the rain and wind out.

A single remote was included which would control each of the 4 awnings individually, depending on the weather of the day.

The Manager and staff we very happy with the finished product and are sure that the guests will enjoy the common area much more.

If you have an open area that is exposed to the weather, contact Atlas Awnings and have a Design Consultant help you choose.