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One of the best parts of our job is providing practical solutions to common problems. We have noticed over the years that every situation is different, and every need of the customer is unique to their living space.

Take this example from Glenda in West Ballina. Her backyard area was a small private space, but very open to the elements. As is common in most North Coast estates, the afternoon sun streaming on on the sides of the building was sometimes unbearable. The area was quite built up, so breeze was not very common during the hot summer, meaning the time spent outdoors was limited.

The small, tiled patio area was usable, but was not large enough to entertain. Not only was the sun an issue, but the lack of protection from rain limited the amount of space available for furniture.

So our design consultant looked at the unique space and came up with a practical solution to solve all the common problems. A flat patio roof to extend the usable space of the patio and protect the sides of the house from the sun and the weather.

Because the area was small, Glenda had some concerns that any awning would look “tacked on” and not part of the original building. This made the insulated roofing the perfect choice, as the smooth ceiling easily matched the existing patio roof.

The flat roof that extended down the side of the house provided a larger area of shade, and weather protection. Not only did the insulated roof block out the heat from the sun, but the windows and doors could be left open to catch the small breeze available.

This small patio cover has created an extra living area for our client to make her space a much more enjoyable and practical space all year round.

The insulated roofing matches with the style and decor of the house

The extended section of the flat roof provides shade and weather protection.

The extended area creates the feel of an extra room, adding an enjoyable, relaxing alfresco area.

Products Used in this Build

Flat/Skillion Patio Roof

A Skillion patio roof can provide you with a modern, yet economical solution to increase your outdoor living space. The skillion roof is a single sloped roof that can attach to your home or be a free-standing structure. The underside ceiling is also sloped to maximize the ceiling height available in your outdoor area.

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Colourbond Steel Posts

Steel posts provide an affordable strength for patio structures, while aluminium offers a corrosion resistant glossy finish. Atlas Awnings offer a range of options for posts and beams.

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