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Larry & Vicki from Ashby wanted to make their verandah into an alfresco area without losing their view of their beautiful garden. The outdoor area, shaded by a nice flat patio roof, looked out onto their lush Australian garden. It was the perfect place to sit and relax.

Living in this beautiful area had one downfall – midges.  As is the case with many areas close to some of the North Coast’s rivers, the biting insects spoil the party. These small insects are a nuisance, especially if you have a reaction to them.

Ashby Verandah rennovation

The outdoor area before the upgrade. The verandah had a beautiful aspect, but was unusable due to the nuisance midges and mosquitoes. It was also susceptible to bad weather, so furniture couldn’t be placed against the outer edge of the patio.

Larry & Vicki needed to do something about stopping the insect problem, so they called Atlas Awnings.

Our design consultant, Geoff, visited their home to advise on what products were available.  He made 2 suggestions which would meet their requirements.

1). A Glass Enclosed Room or

2) An All Seasons Enclosed Room.

They chose the All Seasons room for the cost savings.

All Seasons is strong vinyl panels used in doors and windows, either sliding or fixed.  As it is classed as an inhabitable room, Council approval is not required.

Geoff suggested midge mesh, specially designed to keep these insects from entering an area.   Another advantage of the mesh is it is made of fine material which in no way distracts the view.

Ashbyverandah with All Seasons Panels installed

The final product was a usable room, not just a verandah. The All Season Panels could be closed to stop the rain, or left open to catch the breeze. The Midge mesh did the job, all year round.

Not only does this amazing new alfresco room offer a place which is insect free it also is substantially cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and stops the verandah from getting wet.  Larry and Vicki can now use the patio area all year round.

Larry & Vicki were very happy with the new room saying:

We now have an area which is weather proof and we don’t have to worry about midges”

If you think something like this All Seasons enclosed room would work in your home, contact Atlas Awnings today and let one of our consultant’s help you decide.