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We all love feeling safe and secure in the privacy of our own home. Often after a long week of dealing with the public, we just want to escape from other people. Our homes are where we relax, kick off our shoes, jacket, tie and unwind. If you want to drink wine in your pyjamas, in your own home it is completely acceptable.

The problem is, a lot of open plan houses let lots of natural light in, but with that comes prying eyes. Whether it is passers by or nosy neighbours, sometimes it can feel like you are living in a fish bowl. This can seriously ruin your downtime.

So what’s the solution? Build a fence or grow a hedge? This is a practical solution, but it wont always work or suit your situation. If you have a nice open house with a view, you may not want to close it in with barriers on the edge of your block.
To help, here are a couple of products that may help you reach a happy medium. There are a lot of options available, so if in doubt, contact us.

Aluminium Privacy Slats

Fixed Aluminium Privacy slats make windows private, but don’t block airflow or natural light.

Aluminium Privacy Slats

Aluminium fixed slats and privacy screens are an uncomplicated way to add privacy and security to your windows, balcony and backyard areas. Consisting of strong, corrosion free aluminium slats in a variety of colours the panels can attached to existing framework or as standalone panels on brackets.

Aluminium privacy slats are great for second story windows or balconies that cannot be hidden by fences or hedges. They are also commonly used for closing off open ends of carports and balconies.

Another frequent use for the panels is as garden screening, or dividers in commercial cafes or alfresco common areas. If you have a spot that needs a simple screen, chances are the aluminium slats will do the job.

Aluminium Privacy Slats

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Aluminium Louvred Awnings

This adjustable aluminium louvres can be opened to let in natural light and air, or closed to make the inside rooms private.

Adjustable Aluminium Louvres

Adjustable Aluminium Louvres can be added to most traditional and contemporary building styles, and are a great permanent option for controlling light and privacy as well as keeping out the weather.

The pre-painted panels are attached to strong aluminium frame, and are opened or closed via an internal winder. The panels can be opened to allow breeze and light to flow through but can be shut up tight to present a solid block for privacy of weather protection.

The panels will always be angled to provide shade from direct sunlight, so are great for open facing walls and windows.

For a more economical solution on walls that don’t require adjustments, lourves are available in a fixed configuration. Fixed louvres are available in colourbond or aluminium versions, depending on budget and strength requirements.

Adjustable Aluminium Louvred Awnings

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Timber plantation shutters

These timber shutters installed in this bedroom can be opened up completely, letting ion air and natural light during the day, but can be completely closed at night. Configurations like this can be installed in almost all situations.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a stylish way to add privacy to your home. The panels can be fixed to the insides of your windows or can be used as standalone panels on verandah rails or open ends of decks and patios.

Shutters can also be designed on foldable or sliding panels, so an open alfresco area can be completely shut off by closing the panels and shutters.

Plantation shutters come in aluminium, timber and vinyl, so there is a product to suit the style of your home, your budget and the level or weather resistance you require.

Plantation shutters

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Automatic Fabric Awnings

Patio Blinds like these fabric roller awnings can be manually or automatically adjusted to suit your privacy requirements.

Patio Blinds

There are a few different types of patio blinds available, but most achieve the same purpose – to provide vertical shade, shelter and privacy. Some styles can be operated manually, while some can be operated via controller to give you easy adjustments.

Patio blinds, or fabric roller awnings, come in a range of styles and colours to suit most buildings. The fabric choice ranges from complete blackout to fine mesh to suit your level of privacy and shade.

Chances are there is a type of patio blind that will suit your situation and easily solve your privacy needs.

Patio Blinds

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These are just a couple of options for making your patio insect free, so contact us today if you are interested in any of these ideas. Our design consultants can talk to you about the best way to get your patio as insect free as possible, just in time for your summer.

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