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Our clients in East Ballina were looking at upgrading their patio area to make it more usable for longer periods of the year. The home was located in a beautiful part of East Ballina, with the backyard area looking out into neighbouring native bushland.

The existing patio area was quite small, with barely enough room for a few chairs. It was also quite exposed to the elements, limiting the amount of permanent furniture able to be kept outside.

The outdoor area was beautiful and peaceful. Enjoying the outdoors while minimising the insect problem was the main goal of the project.

Space was an issue, but the number one focus of the upgrade was to solve the problem with insects. East Ballina is a beautiful spot to live, with all the benefits of living on the coast, but it is also home to many biting insects. Surrounded by the estuaries of the Richmond River, the recent high tides and storms have brought out the misquotes and sand flies in record numbers. Backyards close to bushland such as this one can be totally off limits for most of the year.

With these problems in mind, our client called Atlas Awnings to discuss ways to get outside and stay outside more regularly.

Extending the patio by building a insulated patio roof increased the available living space, creating a new room.

The first solution was to build a flat patio roof to help extend the usable area of the existing patio. The roof was made of insulted roofing, matching the existing ceiling to give the appearance of one large room as well as providing the benefits insulation for regulating temperature.

The client discussed the issue of insect proofing with Atlas Awnings at the start of the project, so the patio roof was built with the addition of zipscreen blinds in mind. The patio roof was to be built first, then the blinds would be measured to ensure exact fit to maximise the barrier for insects.

The zipscreen patio blinds not only provide a barrier from insects, but stop the wind and rain from spoiling the enjoyment of the alfresco area.

Zipscreen blinds were installed on all sides of the patio area, effectively providing a screened in area for the clients to relax and enjoy the view of the bushland.

Zipscreens also have the flexibility of opening to the full height, making the area open during low insect periods. They also provide wind protection and rain shower protection, making the whole patio completely adaptable to all weather conditions.

The patio area is complete, offering shade, protection from insects, weather resistance, and a privacy barrier from the public reserve. The perfect alfresco solution!

Most of the zipscreen patio blinds were installed with the pull-down mechanism, but the central one was installed with a motorised option. This would be the main access to the back garden, so the clients could easily come and go from the patio to the backyard with the touch of a button.

The client was very happy with the result, giving them a great area to spend time in without the hassle of the elements. Zip screen tracked blinds are a great option for areas like this, so if you are interested, check out of zip screen and zip track tracked blinds, or contact Atlas Awnings and let us help you design and build your perfect patio.

Products in this build

Insulated Flat Patio Roof

A flat patio roof was used to extend the existing space, with a insultaed panelling designed to match the existing ceiling.

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Zipscreen Tracked Blinds

Zipscreen blinds are a tracked blind that add a stylish finish to any existing opening. Blocking sun, wind, rain and insects, they are a versatile solution for most alfresco areas.

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