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A lot of the time when new houses are built, a lot of effort and planning goes into the layout. Bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and lounge rooms are all designed according to how the family will best use them. Sometimes the outdoor living areas are added as an afterthought, whether it is due to budget or just not important at the time.

Open patios and alfresco areas on the North Coast look great on the plans, but when you move in and start to use the backyard, you realise there are certain problems that can hold back the amount of time you can spend outdoors. Rain, wet grass, wind and insects all do their best to end your outdoor party prematurely.

That’s were Atlas Awnings comes in. We are specialist in all things outdoors, helping North Coast residents get the most out of their homes and helping them enjoy the perfect alfresco life.

Outdoor patio area in Ballina, open to the elements

This beautiful modern living space was well used, but water on the tiles was a problem, and mosquitoes often ruined a nice summer afternoon.

This property in East Ballina is the perfect example of many homes and villas around the North Coast. The beautiful modern home was perfect on the inside, but the backyard was not the most functional. The patio was small and open, with garden on the open sides. Rain and irrigation water would regularly blow onto the tiled area, making the area wet and uncomfortable and not practical during wet weather. Palm Lakes is also in close proximity to North Creek and the estuarine waters of the Richmond River, a haven for biting insects.

The beautiful house and aspect deserved the perfect alfresco area, so Atlas Awnings was called to help. After our consultation, it was decided that turning the patio into a screen enclosure would be ideal.

The patio roof and supports were in good condition, so the aluminium framing was used to create the walls and match the existing building. Aluminium is light weight and long lasting, so is the perfect material for a coastal wet area such as this.

The alfresco screened area also needed protection from the frequent wet, so dado walls were used for the bottom 600mm. This created a barrier between the garden and the patio area, without compromising the feeling of being outdoors.

Screen Room with Security door to the back garden.

The screen room was protected from insects, but open and airy enough to feel like an outdoor area. The security door provided access to the backyard, but fit in well with the existing decor.

Above the dado walls, Midgy mesh was installed on all open walls. The lightweight construction with minimal supports didn’t interrupt the view or airflow but stopped most biting insects. The clients could comfortably sit outside and enjoy the sounds of the garden without the irritation of midgies, sand flies and mosquitoes.

The final addition to this screen room was an aluminium security door. This provided access to the much loved garden, as well as making the patio area as secure as possible. The security door was also covered in midgy mesh to keep out the undesirable insects as well as people.

The result was a nice comfortable area to sit and enjoy the garden and fresh air, without wet feet or insect bites. If this is something that would help you, give Atlas Awnings a call.

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