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In the late winter and early spring, a lot of our time is spent dealing with cold and variable sun conditions. However, it is not that long before all we think about is shade. The hot North Coast summer is long, and the sun is vengeful. It is little wonder that the most common reason for coming to Atlas Awnings is to find some respite from the harsh summer conditions. The range of products available can be a bit overwhelming, so we have put together a couple of options that may help you get an idea of what type of solution best suits you.

This insulated gabled patio roof adds shade to this beautiful hardwood deck. The insulated roof panels provide a stylish finish while minimising heat transfer.

Insulated Patio Roof

It seems obvious, but the best place to start is with the Atlas Awnings range of patio roofs. There are a few styles available, with a few different options. Skillion, fly over, or gabled are all styles that may suit your patio or deck. All roof styles have different benefits, so check out of roof guide for more details.

When constructing a patio roof, you will usually have a choice between single skin or insulated roofing panels. If your main goal is to escape the heat, insulated roofing is worth the extra investment to make your patio area less susceptible to the midday rays. See our detailed article on insulated or single skin roofing.

These bull nose colorbond steel hood awnings are strong, cost effective and an easy way to shade and shelter any open area of your home. Also great for commercial applications.

Metal Hood Awnings

Metal hood awnings are a cost effective, traditional style awning that can be attached in various areas of your home. The metal hood awnings are fixed (that is not adjustable) and are secured to a strong aluminium frame. The actual hood can be made of aluminium or colorbond steel and come in a variety of styles and colours.

Metal hood awnings can be used as a patio cover but can also be used to cover exterior doors or windows to provide shade and shelter for the entire house. Strong and long lasting, metal hood awnings are a smart trouble-free solution for shade.

This fixed canopy full frame awning is perfect for cafes and outdoor businesses, but can be equally suited to any backyard or patio.

Fixed Canopy Awnings

Fixed canopy awnings are simple fabric awnings attached to simple metal supports. They come in two styles – no frame and full frame. The fabric of the no-frame fixed canopy awning is supported by side arms and a front rail and is a simple way to dress up a porch or side window in the classic café style.

A full frame fixed canopy awning is a fabric awning attached to a strong frame, usually used to cover larger spans. The fabric awning can be mesh, vinyl or canvas depending on the level of protection required. Perfect for cafes or commercial premises, but equally suitable to a side patio or front verandah.

Polycarbonate hood awnings can provide soft filtered light in a modern style that matches your existing decor. Perfect for cutting the heat of the direct sun without the disadvantage of losing natural light.

Polycarbonate Hood Awnings

Polycarbonate hood awnings are similar in style to the metal hood awnings but differ in the materials used for the hood. The polycarbonate awning system is lightweight strong and durable, able to span large areas like pools and decks, and comes in a range of curves and styles. Although not strictly a shade awning, the polycarbonate panels provide UV protection and can cool and shelter an area while maintaining the natural light.

Poly awnings are stylish and long lasting, so can be used on windows external doors or an entrance with a tint that matches the external décor of the home.

Retractable, folding awnings like this Giotto Fabric Awning, can provide shelter and shade in varying amounts. The complete customisableoutdoor shade solution for your patio.

Retractable Fabric Awnings

Folding arm fabric awnings and other retractable awnings are also another great option for providing shade. This style of awning can provide varying amounts of shade to your home and can be easily adjusted by motorised or hand cranked controls. We have a dedicated article on awnings for varying sun conditions, so if you want an awning that provides shade in summer but allows in warm sun in winter, check out the fabric awing range.

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As we always say, the best option if you are not sure what is best for your situation and budget, contact us for a design consultation. One of our experts will talk to you about the pros and cons of each solution. We will have you sipping a cool drink in the perfect shaded alfresco area in no time.

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