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After you choose the type of patio roof that best suits your outdoor area, an equally important consideration is the type of structures you want to hold up your roof. Your Atlas consultant will help you with the technical design aspects of your build, but here is a brief overview of the posts available when building a patio roof. Beams are similar, but have other unique benefits, so we will cover them in another article.

The posts are the vertical supports of the roof and come in a range of materials and sizes. When choosing your posts, you will need to consider several factors. You Atlas consultant will take you through the technical aspects which may restrict your choices, but you will most likely get to decide on the style of post you would like to match the décor of your new renovation.


Powdercoated Aluminium Posts

Aluminium Posts are the most common posts used on smaller patio covers and gazebos, although they are still common on larger structures. The aluminium posts are lightweight and easy to install, and much more resistant to corrosion. Aluminium is a bit more expensive than steel posts, but offer a longer life, especially close to the beach. Aluminium posts are a bit more of an investment but can work out as a more affordable solution in the long run.

There are restrictions on using aluminium posts in some structures, particularly free standing carports, where they must be anchored to an existing structure. Your Atlas consultant will have all the details to help you decide on this.

Aluminium posts come in a range of colours and sizes, so visit the posts and beams page for full details.

Powercoated Steel Posts

Steel Posts have a very similar look and feel to aluminium posts but are designed for holding up more robust structures. Being a little heavier and stronger in construction, they can be used on heavier, freestanding constructions where aluminium is not suitable.

Steel posts are often used in situations like carport extensions for example, where a stronger post can resist a swipe with a poorly reversed car.

Steel post are also cheaper than aluminium but are much more prone to corrosion. If you are living on the North Coast in an area prone to salt spray, steel posts would not be a recommended solution.

Check the posts and beams page for all the available colours and sizes.

Structural Steel Posts

Structural Steel posts are incredibly strong posts that are available for any type of roof. Using structural steel beams can support large roof structures, and the open beam provides a uniquely modern industrial look to the alfresco area. A common post style for large fly over patio roofs and commercial shaded areas, these beams can give your home or business a wow factor unlike any other.

Because the beams must be engineered, welded and galvanised, the costs of construction is a major consideration in choosing structural steel. If it is in your budget, the strength and visual appeal is well worth the investment.

Talk to Atlas about using structural steel on your next project.

Merbau Timber Posts

Merbau timer posts are a great option when building your outdoor area. If you are going for the natural look and feel of timber, these are the perfect choice. Merbau is a tough, durable hardwood, perfect for outdoor applications.

Although hardwood is close to the most expensive option, timber structures in outdoor entertainment areas have a longer life than any other structure. If timber is cared for correctly, it will last a lifetime.

 If you are building a hardwood deck, or have a timber exterior to your house, merbau posts will blend beautifully with your construction. They will also allow for a timber railing to be build, continuing the beautiful wood them of your house.

The strong, laminated finger joint posts can be built and supplied at any size, so contact Atlas to see your options.

Treated Pine Posts

If you are still looking for a timber style construction, but budget is more of a consideration, treated pine posts are an option. Treated pine can give you the flexibility and style of timber, without the costs of hardwood posts. Treated pine is strong and durable and can be painted to match any construction.

Treated pine works will as a deck of fence, but can have its problems when used structurally. Because  Atlas Awnings always chooses the highest quality materials for the job, we do not recommend treated pine for every application.

Post fixing options

All posts obviously need to be secured to the ground, and again there are options available. Fixing can depend on whether the floor is an existing structure, or if Atlas is handling the job for you.

Posts will sit in stirrups or brackets and can be bolted to the existing concrete slab or deck structure. If the slab is yet to be constructed, some posts and the stirrups can be cast into the slab.

Talk to youR Patio Experts

This may be a lot to take in, so make sure you talk an Atlas Consultant. Atlas have been expertly providing outdoor entertainment solutions on the North Coast for 40 years, so know what type of post works in the many situations we come across.

Give us a call today and let us help get your project underway.

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