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Fran from West Ballina had a huge BBQ area that was covered with a single skin roof and had skylights to lighten the area.  She wanted to be able to use this huge area of a night but with the single skin roofing she was unable to have lighting installed.  Fran decided she needed to upgrade. Atlas Awnings installed the original roofing and was happy to contact us to see what her options were.

Geoff, our Design Consultant, visited the property and explained there were new products available since she had the original roof installed many years ago.  He suggested a gabled insulated patio roof to cover the area and to stop the rain. To keep the patio area as light as possible during the day, a perspex infill  was installed to the rear of the gable.

Single skin patio roof in West Ballina before the upgrade

The old single skin patio roof that Atlas Awnings installed originally was still in good condition, but the single skin did not have the ability to install downlights, limiting its ability to be used after dark. Also, due to the size of the patio area, it was susceptible to heat on summer afternoons.

The insulated patio roof allows downlights to be installed which is exactly what Fran wanted. In addition to this, an insulated roof has the flat ceiling, which gives a much cleaner look to the finished roof. The modern finish makes matching the patio area to the existing living spaces a lot easier.

Insulated patio roof with downlights

The new insulated patio roof with downlights installed. The stylish ceiling of the insulated patio roof makes the new area feel like an extension of the living room. The new perspex insert at the rear of the gable allowed for natural light, but provided a much cleaner finish than the skylights.

To keep the costs down, Atlas Awnings used the existing trusses, main support beams and posts as they were in excellent condition.

Altas also demolished the existing roof taking the worry of removing the rubbish off Fran.

Fran was very happy with the new patio awning.  Saying:

“Just what I wanted.  I can use this area for BBQs of a night.”

At Atlas, we always strive to get you the best possible solution for your budget. Because we are not a franchise with set packages, we can give you a customised product that suits all your requirements.

If you think something like this insulated gable patio awning would work for your home, contact Atlas Awnings today and let one of our consultants help you decide.