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Dawn from Terranora has her carport at the front of her house on a steep block of land.  The driveway is at the top of the slope, making for easy access to the house. Because the carport is elevated, a railing was used as a safety barrier as the fall over the edge down to the garden was quite considerable.

The problem was, the railing did a good job at stopped people from falling, but did not stop any smaller object from disappearing down the side of the house.  This was becoming a nuisance, especially in the winter, when it was dark as she was getting home.

She rang Atlas Awnings to find a solution. Her one stipulation was he didn’t want to close the carport in with a wall, as the light from the side of the carport flowed through the top level of the house.

Geoff, our design consultant, visited her at Terranora to discuss her requirements.  He immediately recognised her problem and suggested that 7mm aluminium slats be installed between her existing posts on the edge of the carport.  This would allow light in whilst stopping anything from falling down the side of the house.

The side of the carport was fairly high, while the railing had enough space in between uprights for objects to fall between.

The slats not only decreased the gaps between the railing, but by running from floor to ceiling, they eliminated the possibility of any person, young or old, climbing or falling over the railing. This created a much safer barrier on the steep hilly block.

Dawn chose white slats to complement the existing building. The white aluminium barrier created a more modern, private finish to the side of the house.

Dawn was very happy with the result and was very excited that nothing could fall through the slats.  The amount of light the slats allowed into the carport was perfect.

If you think aluminium slats would work at your home, contact Atlas Awning to have a Design Consultant assist.