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It always happens around this time of year. The weather is warming up, and you think it is time to start to uncover the patio furniture and start the barbie. Unfortunately, the wind has other ideas. The cold winds that come with a late winter snap are some of the most uncomfortable conditions for us North Coast residents.

Even though the cold may be over, windy weather is not uncommon. In some summers, the northerlies blow constantly for months. If you are seriously considering spending time outdoors, you need to find a way to shelter your backyard from the wind. With this in mind, we have come up with a list of products that may help you windproof your patio or backyard area.

Patio Blinds

Patio blinds, or fabric roller awnings are a simple and effective way to stop the wind. They are versatile enough to provide different levels adjustment depending on the protection needed. Roll the blinds all the way up and let in the light and breeze, or pull them down to provide shade and wind protection.

Different fabrics can be used to create a full block out for privacy right down to transparent vinyls to preserve the view but block the wind.

Blinds can be measured to the existing supports of your patio, so in a lot of cases will not require additional building. Check out some of the options below that are perfect for stopping the wind, or visit the Patio Blinds section to see the full range.

Multistop Fabric Awnings

Multistop Fabric Awnings

Roll up patio blinds that are controlled by a bottom rail. Perfect for small verandahs and balconies.

Multistop Fabric Awnings

Verandah Blinds

Controlled by a rope and pulley system, these blinds can be made of mesh, canvas or acrylic.

Patio Blinds

See the full range of patio blinds to help wind proof your patio.


Aluminium shutters to help wind proof this balcony.

Shutters are another type of addition to your outdoor area that are perfect for controlling the wind. Available in a range of materials and styles, they can be easily matched to your existing décor.

The adjustable blades can be opened or closed to catch the perfect combination of sun, breeze and privacy.

Available in aluminium, timber or vinyl. Check out the range below.

Multistop Fabric Awnings

Aluminium Shutters

Stylish, glossy and resistant to corrosion, aluminium shutters are perfect for coastal conditions.

Plantation Timber Shutters

Timber Shutters

Using natural materials that add the classy, timeless look of timber to your home. Can be made in a number of styles and finishes.

The Shutter Range

See the full range of shutters to help wind proof your patio or living area.

All Seasons Patio Panels

All Seasons sliding vinyl panels cut out the breeze on uncomfortable afternoons.

All Seasons Patio Panels provide an easy option for creating and extra room for your house. The panels, consisting of lightweight sliding vinyl panels and screens can be fitted into your existing patio without the need for council approval in most cases.

The different combinations of panels can be opened and closed depending on the breeze to give the perfect atmosphere all year round.

All Seasons Vinyl Panels

See more details on the range of All Seasons products here.

Glass Rooms

All Seasons sliding vinyl panels cut out the breeze on uncomfortable afternoons.

The glass room represents the ultimate in luxury home extensions. Providing natural light while blocking noise and wind, the glass room will provide you with a weatherproof living area all year round.

Glass rooms are subject to a little more regulation than something like an All Seasons Panel Patio, so check with your Atlas consultant on what is right for you. With ceiling to floor views and insulated enough to be warm in winter and cool in summer, a glass room will definitely give you the lifestyle improvement you have been looking for.

Glass Rooms

See more details on constructing a Glass Room or glass enclosure.

Want More Options?

The best way to find out what you best suits your situation is to get an obligation free consultation from Atlas Awnings. We can help you discover the right solution for your budget and situation.

Let us help you get the most out of your outdoor area, and stop letting the windy day spoil your party.

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