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The third type of roof in our series on choosing what patio roof is right for you is the flyover roof. If you are looking for extra height and an open, spacious feel, then this is the roof for you.

A flyover roof is designed to extend over the top of the existing roof. Although the flyover roof can be self supporting, the roof is usually attached to the roof by brackets. The type of brackets used depends on the needs of the customer, as well as the configuration of the existing structure. Your Atlas Awnings design consultant can wlak you through all of the specifications of the flyover roof.


Patio Roofs from Atlas Awnings

The three main types available are Skillion, Flyover, and Gable. Click these links to jump to the description of all three.

Fly Over Roof

This is the third in a series on choosing a patio roof. To receive updates on this, subscribe to our newsletter.

Flyover Patio Roof

Let’s look at some of the details below:

Designed for extra height

As we said above, one of the main reasons to choose a flyover roof is for the extra height it creates. The extender or lifter brackets can gain quite a bit of height, meaning your roof can be sloped without compromising vertical space. This is ideal for caravan and motorhome covers, as the existing eaves of the house may already be lower than the top of the vehicle.

Open and spacious enteretaining areas.

The extra height of the roof gives you all the benefits of an open space. The open area can give you a true outdoor feel, with the high ceilings sometime not even restricting your view.

This also allows you to install other accessories to the area, such as downlights and ceiling fans to increase the comfort without the feel of clutter.

Maximum air flow and breeze.

The extra height of the roof allows hot air to rise and escape. Most flyovers have open ends, so no heat is trapped. Breezes from all directions are caught under the roof, making the patio or deck as cool as possible in summer.


This beautiful flyover patio roof provides a cool shady area to relax and entertain, without the feeling of being trapped indoors.

Maximum natural light

The lifter brackets will act as a natural skylight, keeping the open area as well lit as possible. Couple this with downlight for after dark and you have a bright usable area all day long.

Modern architectural design

Because of the flexibility of design, the flyover roof can be designed to not only have practical usability, but to look fantastic. Flyover roofs can be set and installed at different levels and sizes, creating a stunning addition to your home. Structural steel and hardwood beams can be used to match the building, or give your home a modern upgrade that will add great value to your asset.

Perfect for patio or carport

Because of the versitility of the flyover roof, it can be used in most situations. A simple cheap carport can be installed to the side of your house, or an engineered steel patio cover can be the envy of your neighbours. Your Atlas Awnings design consultant can help you find the solution to fit your imagination.

Roof Options

We will add to this as the series goes on, so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to get updates as they come.

Now you have decided to choose your roof type, now you can choose the materials.

Roofing Materials – Insulated or Single Skin

Most roof types have the option of using cost effective single skin roofing, or premium insulated roofing.

For a more detailed look, check out our Single Skin vs Insulated Roof Comparison.


Single Skin (V-Line) Roofing:

  • Durable
  • Cost effective
  • Contemporary V-Line ceiling finish
  • Gloss finish to underside of roof sheet
  • Range of roof colours to suit existing Home
  • Can be fitted with polycarbonate skylights for more light
  • Engineered for large spans
  • Fewer posts required

Single Skin (V-Line) Roofing

 Insulated Roofing:

  • Modern look
  • Can be fitted with lights and fans
  • Engineered for large spans
  • Weatherproof joining system
  • Fewer posts required
  • Large colour range
  • Cost effective
  • Can be fitted with solar panels


Insulated Roofing

Posts and Beams

Posts and beams can make all the difference to the style and appearance of your patio roof, but it there are a few practical considerations. We have a handy guide on how to choose your posts that goes into detail on what posts and beams to choose for your roof.

Read it here.

We hope this has helped you to get more information on a choosing a flyover roof for your backyard.

For more information, visit the Flyover Roof page, or contact us below to talk to a consultant.

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